Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Republicans file State Bar complaint against Cooper ::

Republicans file State Bar complaint against Cooper ::

Cooper, the state's attorney general, faced off against Republican Gov. Pat McCrory last week. In the midst of a discussion over government transparency, Cooper pointed to questions surrounding McCrory's handling of a state prison contract.

"If he wants to talk about political contributions, he had a contributor who said he wanted something for his contribution in return. Gov. McCrory gave him a private prison contract over the objections of his staff," Cooper said. "If you want to talk about political contributions, governor, you're the one who now has an FBI criminal investigation.

"McCrory responded that Cooper should "resign right now" for making that allegation.

In fact, McCrory had faced questions from the FBI, but the day after the debate, a spokeswoman for the U.S. attorney's office said prosecutors had concluded their probe of the matter in February. McCrory's denial was the first public mention that the probe had concluded.

In the Republican Party's complaint, Chairman Robin Hayes says Cooper should have known the investigation had concluded.

Cooper has such a big mouth for someone whom has refused to do his job and do the legal work of the state by defending the laws the General Assembly passes. Then again, if he did his job, he would have known that the FBI finished its probe of McCrory.

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